Mr Barong

My Name is Barong , Everybody call me Barong Dreadlocks. My first experience for making dreadlocks is in Japan Tokyo 1999 and im starting my carier in Bali on 2018. I through very long process for my experience , and i guarantee fpr every dreadlocks that i made.

The principle that matters to me is appreciate the “Time”. I really appreciate your time , during your holiday and you make dreadlock with me i will do it quickly and i give you guarantee for my dreadlock quailty.

Save your time , you don’t have to visit me especially if you stay far from my studio. I will come to your place Hotel/Villa where you stay , to give you free consultation and sample for your dreadlocks, the most important is i give you the best price.

You don’t have to worry about the cleanlines , having dreadlocks doesn’t mean to be dirty , or make you looks dirty or even will make you feel lazy , and dreadlocks doesn’t mean you have hippi life.¬†

Now a days , Dreadlocks is a lifestyle where ever you stay. Dreadlocks will become your lifestyle , and you don’t have to be addict to visit your Dreadlocks artist , because i’m gonna show you how you can give home treatments for your dreadlock.

So,Welcome to Dreadlocks World ..


by Barong aka Barong Dreadlocks


Our Website currently is under maintenance.

If You have any questions , please contact us via

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